NEW AUCTION!!! BID NOW!! Collectables, comics, & vintage. Ending Thursday, June 1 @ 9:00pm
Date & Time: Bid online until TH 6/01 @ 9pm. Pickup & payment due on Saturday OR Sunday 11am-4pm.
Auction Manager: Traci, 937-327-9143,

Auction Ends: Thursday June, 01 2017 at 9 P.M. Sharp.

Payment and pickup arrangements due: Saturday June 3 OR Sunday June 4 from 11:00am - 4:00pm @ 2905 East High Street. Springfield, Ohio 45503

    *Shipping is available on a case by case basis* You can also make arrangements to pick up your items the following weekend (Sat, Sun from 11am-4pm for an additional fee)

Local antique store, Vintage Depot, recently acquired an abundance of new & vintage collectible items from a long time collector. Within these  pages you'll be paying the lowest price for high quality collectibles. Don't believe us? Go ahead and give it a peek.

Items include: Comics * Vintage Movie Posters * Antique News Papers * Vintage Children's Books * Toys * Sports Memorabilia * Vinyl * and a whole slew of other stuff!  

Enjoy Bidding!

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You're About to Save So Much Money!

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Auction Overview n' Stuff

 This Auction has a 10% Buyers Premium. This means that 10% of your purchase price will be added onto all of your purchases to help pay for the cost of Web-presence and software fees. This also allows us to ensure that nobody in the Champion City pays full retail for their top quality products.

Not seeing an email in your inbox? Go ahead and check your Spam File. Invoices are sent via email the same evening as the auction ends. 
Be sure to take a good hard look at each photo and be sure to re-read each description for all details related to the item. Afterwards, feel free to call, text, or email the auction manager with any comments or questions.

 How to Sign Up and Win Fancy New Things

Registration is absolutely FREE! Information provided for registration is immediately verified.

  • Two different contact telephone numbers must be entered in order to avoid any confirmation delay.
  •  A 'program of probability' is used to match your registration information.
    • For Example; an area code not matching the zip code will flag further investigation.
  • Please, do not register a PO Box.
  • If another individual at the registered address has had bidding privileges suspended, they blew it for the both of you and you will not be able to register.
  • If you’re from out of state and win an item from an auction, contact us or the seller in order to discuss shipping possibilities.

 We’d Like to Say Everyone Comes Out of a Bidding War Unhurt.. But Here’s How the Battle Works

  • Our system will display to you the Current Bid and accept your bid at the next increment or accept your Max Bid and automatically compete with those bidding less than your max.
  • If you have made any kind of error while entering your bid, call us immediately.
    • Calls must be prior to 24 hours of the ending time.
    • No modifications to the bid price can be made after the auction has ended.
  • During the first nano-second of each 1 minute from the posted “Ending Time”, auction items will end. If multiple bidders are competing within the last 5 minutes of an item, the auction will extend (on that item) for another 5 minutes.
  • Other items will continue to end every 1 minute, even with multiple bidders going back and forth on an item behind.
  • Don’t forget to pay close attention to the order and speed of items selling.
  • Try refreshing your browser to get more accurate results. We cannot be held responsible for glitches or delays.
  • Our system will notify you with an email and encourage you to bid again in the event you have been outbid.
  • These notifications will stop once the final hour has come, prepare accordingly.
  • If you win an auction, you will receive a notification the next morning; if you lose, you get nothing.
  • You will also be able to see items that you have won if you are watching the auction.
  • Be sure to read the winning email you’ve received, for it has information on pick times and locations for your prize.
  • Be sure to bring your invoice, your Driver’s license, Cash or Credit Card with you during the mentioned hours for “Pick Up”.
    • If you can’t pick-up the items on the assigned times, we encourage you to contact the seller to try to arrange a pick up day prior to bidding.
  • All participating bidders electronically agree to enter a contract agreeing to all terms present and to pay for items bid upon and won.
  • Once the auction has been completed, payment will be due at this time or when you pick up your new winnings.
    • Failure to pay or to pick-up items that have been paid for, may result in permaban (Hip Lingo for you can never, ever return) from the auction website. 


DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: For any bidder whom fails to pay for, or fails to remove their items from the auction site, We will have no other choice but to forward our cost of storage, transportation, re-sale fees, and any legal fees for recouping for a bidder being lame.




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